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Looking For An Oly Bar?

I just stopped buy Jesup Gym today to pick up some bumper plates and they had black 1500# tested weight oly bars with super aggressive knurling for $89.95.

They were marked “blem” so they were discounted. Needless to say, I bought one and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. My reccomendations for this company could not be high enough. They are super friendly and have very good prices!


That is an ok price but man Id be wanting to know what the blemish was prior to pulling HEAVY or squatting heavy even pressing heavy. Saving a few $$ aint worth me taking a risk with a bar that may friggin fail at high load with me under it

just my 2cc be careful

I asked and was told it was only cosmetic. There was a couple of pin sized rust dots on the bar. That is it! I don’t pull crazy weights anyway, I’ll risk it.

jesup kicks ass! They have ongoing auctions on eBay for 500lbs of dummbbells or plates for $200, .40 per lb. Used to be $175 but friggin inflation…