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Looking for an Old Article

I’m having serious trouble finding an old Jim Wendler or Dave Tate article. They broke down common technique breakdowns (rounded back on pulls, stuck on bottom of bench, can’t lock out, etc.) and then broke down the muscular problem/technique issues and technique/training solutions. It was a list of a dozen or more. It was on elitefts as well, if I remember right. Can anyone repost the link? Thanks.

I like ur avatar. I’d be interested to see this article. It isn’t one of the ones like “bench 600 lbs.” or “deadlift 800”, right?

No - it was in the “12 common breakdowns and how to correct them” genre.

I just searched Dave Tate.

Well, here is a similar thing for the sumo deadlift: http://www.elitefts.com/documents/sumo_deadlift.htm

Not sure about the original article you are referencing, but I found the above to be very helpful.

Thanks for the links - these weren’t it. I searched for over an hour without any luck. These were some good articles though. Tnx for the help fellas.

Cressey and Robertson did something a little similar:

Here’s one on the squat: