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Looking for an Article


There is this T-Nation article I read a while back that I can't seem to find again.
It talks about different types of strength and to aim for a combination of all
It says something like
20 pull ups with external resistance is a good number to aim for, and then it talks about how powerlifters and bodybuilders probably can't do that, but olympic lifters could
and then it would say something like benching 405 is respectable but oly lifters can't do that while powerlifters can
and it goes on about numbers to aim for and states that not many people could do everything on the list

Anyone know wtf I'm talking about?


No, I'm side tracked by the fact that I want to punch your avatar in the face.

Sorry to be so helpful, I have no idea what article your talking about.


Guessing you're talking about the 'what constitutes strong article'. It's somewhere here too, but I could only find the one on Elite.



i have it bookmarked on my work computer.
unhelpful until monday.

I do believe it was linked to in an article published in the last few weeks...





Or this one?


Ugh, double post.

Anyway, I looked at that one I just posted...it's likely not the one you're looking for. Still pretty good article.


Now that I reread the OP I don't think this is the one he's looking for...

Really interesting though. Makes me feel not too strong LOL



It's staying until I get a picture of myself that doesn't look retarded so deal with it

and thanks for the tries everyone but it hasn't been any of them yet
It is very similar to the elitefts.com one that biglifter posted



This is also not the article you are looking for.