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Looking for an Article Posted Here


Hi all. Im looking for the article "4 Things Your Girlfriend Should Know" article that i found here some time ago... Does anyone have it, or knows where it went?

Thanks! Sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum


Try a search there you ghey gorilla


I have tried searching on this site. Nothing comes up. I can find the link on Google, but if I click it, it redirects...

Thanks for helping, xxrob5xx


Sadly the link is dead.


All links to Figure Athlete thing go to the forum. I can't find the article on google either, it leads to that same forum.

EDIT : Every single link in the internet about this links to the article. No one copied it?


PM a Mod- they should be able to tell you if it has been moved (and to where).


Okay, enough outta you, bigmouth.

That avatar doesn't help either. So over-the-top!




skillz. text kinda messed up and pics/vids not there but you get the point

(hint: google it again and click the "cached" button)