Looking for an Article on T-Nation

Before you say use the search bar, I have. Let’s get that out of the way. I posted here in the beginners hoping responders might be more gracious than other places.

Anyway, I was looking for an article post on Tnation and I can’t recall who wrote it. He summed up a particularly brutal day in the military training. I believe - he recounted running with something like a 50 lb pack for ten miles, a few other things and lastly a dip in the pool with all his gear on. When he got out the pool, he was incoherent. When the medic came to prick his hand for blood nothing came out. They gave him a glucose table, I think, and pricked him again. Still no blood. His blood sugar was so low I think it took a third time before they could even draw blood to measure his sugar levels.

Sound familiar to anyone? Anyone?

Found it:

Word “medic” helped me find it.

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