Looking for an Article: Guy's Long-term Experience on Steroids?

Not sure where else to post this, but I’m looking for an article that I read on here quite a while ago. It was basically either a bodybuilder or powerlifter, don’t remember who, talking about his life on steroids, about how he was taking them since he was in his teens and that he has taken everything and I mean EVERYTHING under the sun and that he has basically no side effects other than a sperm count of zero. The article goes into depth about his experiences with anabolics and all the ghetto/at home ways he would take them. I’m really interested in reading that again, if anyone knows what I’m talking about let me know!

This one…?

I love that article. I haven’t read it in a while. Goddamn funny. I wonder if that guy is still alive and well 15 years later?

That’s it, thanks!

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I just read it and wonder the same thing. I would imagine even with god like cardiac genetics he had to have hypertrophy in his left ventricle.