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Looking for an Article from a Bit Ago


Been looking through the archives, but am having no luck. It's from the past year, maybe someone can help me find it. It was about adding volume by doing a set amount of push-ups, pull-ups, and lunges everyday and increasing that number over time.



Sounds like something Chad Waterbury would write, might help you narrow your search.


Could be this one:



But he has another one with lunges in it, where you increase the number each day. Pretty sure it's called "PLP" or something..hope that helps


PLP it was - thank you.

Lol @ the picture of chad in that article. That alone let me know it was much older than the article I was looking for.


I'll need to figure out a way to do the back work. I have access to a pull-up bar everyday, since I'm at either my weightlifting gym or my MMA gym, but then I'd have to do it when I'm working out already on 4 of the days which I don't like. I need to think up a way to rid up some inverse rows - none of the door frames where i live will support a pull up bar.