Looking for an Answer!

Not sure if this is the best place for this but I am looking for some advice.

I have been training using the following template for the last three months since July 1 to be specific.

Cardio – Cardio is the first thing I do when I get to the gym, it started with about 5 minutes of running and now I can do 20 - 30 minutes with out much effort and I still have energy left.

Weights/Strength – Strength training equates to a 4 day on 3 day off split that consists of one major muscle movement (Deadlift, Bench, Military or Squat) usually using either a 5,3,1 type template or just the old fashion 5 x 5 template. This is mainly due to time crunch with my job where in the past I would get into the first part of my workout and be called away. So I simplified it with a more direct approach hit the initial exercise hard and be done with it. Time permitting I add in some antagonist work and then move to conditioning.

Conditioning – This is where I get to do my energy system work, or conditioning work. This usually consists of mobility drills, or kettelbell work, extra stretching. This might look like : 100 reps of Kettlebell swings done in sets of 10 - 20 with 10 - 20 situps and pushups between rounds of swings. I try to stay in a window of time for each conditioning segment but it is only as good as the time I have available to me. This could also be a sprinting session, or an interval run session.

What has happened though is I have gone from 229 pounds at 32 % fat (scale) to 197 at about 25% fat (scale). What I am wondering is if I want to keep making the losses ( I would like to be down around 180) before I change any of my goals at this point, is there a way to tweak this , or am I doing too much, or should I add more volume to the week. Of the three days off I have 2 days available to train but always feel as I might burn out if I do this…

Any sugesstiongs, or any criticism or any advice will be well received.

PS I also decided to spend the little extra money on the MAG-10 Pulse and the Anaconda Protocol 2 supplements. So I want to make the most of them.

I plan on starting the MAG-10 Monday and the Anaconda Prot on Tuesday of next week.

Should I push another session into the week and if so which of the big four muscle groups are best to add or be doubled up on!

Thanks for any and all help all criticism will be taken with a grain of salt.

Congrats on your progress thus far.

How tall are you?

How old?

Prior lifting experience?

Current diet?

Why the running before lifting? Even though you ‘still have energy left’, the running before weight training is like hitting the gas in your car while having the other foot on the brake. If you want to do energy systems work and conditioning, try sprinting and if you had access to a Prowler even better.

Cardio not always needed for fat loss - in fact it can in some cases inhibit your goals by raising cortisol levels too much.

Would be helpful to know a little more about your situation but from your original post, if you have the time then do weightlifting very intensely for 4 days and neural charge WO’s 3 days a week. If you can train 2x/day then you could have a shorter session each time but still get the hormonal response from intense weight training which would accelerate your fat loss. Make one or two of your sessions lactic acid producing sessions - think whole body WO’s higher reps (8-10) low rest periods.

Thanks Mut.

I just turned 36, I am 5’9" been lifting for along time but never really seriously.

I am given 1 hour to workout on duty as part of my assignment with the team. I usually get to the gym about 30 minutes early to get in the run.

Things changed for me two years ago due to employment and it all went down hill. At this time I was up to a 455 deadlift x3 425 squat x 2and a 300 bench x 2 nothing special but it just didn’t feel very healthy. I spent the last two years redefining who I was and where I wanted to be. Trying all the new found training templates and what not. Then I seriously began reading.

I run at the start of the workouts because it is a priority at the moment with who I work with, I am on a County SWAT and the team as a whole runs before lifting. Plus even though conventional information says to lift then run, I have found that I am more “loose” to lift once I get there. I guess my run is used more for a get the blood pumping thing then an actual run.

However I am not disputing that I could get better results another way and hence the post.

I want to keep that “get ready and blood flowing feeling” however!

2 x a day are out except on Sundays and Mondays which are my true days off. Would that be enough, but not too much to throw off my current 4 on 3 off. Currently my 4 on are Tuesday - Friday with Sat - Mon as off days.

Strength training is always one of the big lifts on one of the four days followed by a Superset of antagonistic exercises. From reading it is a template like 5 3 1 but I use the principles that CT recommends with regards to lifting speed and form. All in all a typical chest workout would be

Bench Press warm up sets (this could be 1 set or it could be 5 sets depending upon how I feel) all sets though are done controlled lower with explosive lift and I work up to whatever my starting weight is.

Set one is 60% of final weight for the day

Set two is 70%

Set three is 80%

Set four is the working weight. Done for as many reps as possible but only till I can not press it in a controlled manner

Then I take 60% or set one and do 5 sets of 10 Supersetted with some horizontal row (this is just whatever is available at the gym)

Then I will do the conditioning work. Or whatever time allots.