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To start I must say this site is by far the best I've found and you all seem to be very knowledgable and helpful. I'm getting into the gym and I find its the strongest addiction I've ever sceen. All that out of the way here goes. I read the t-dawg diet and adjusted my food and diet to it. My question is portions. I see alot of Daily calorie total threads etc, but how much is a "normal" meal on a 6-7 meal a day plan. I cant tell if i'm over or under eating. Since i'm starting off fresh with no bad habbits I want to do it right.


Its relative. a 300lb guy will be different then a 150lb guy. a 300lb fat ass will be different then a 300lb person carrying significant muscle.

if you need say 3000 k/cals divide that by 6 BAM 500 k/cals a meal. It depends on what you need for your goals.