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[quote]spartakis wrote:
Diet is basically paleo started it once I started crossfit and plan on sticking to it.[/quote]
“Paleo” has about a half-dozen different meanings to different people, so I have no idea what this means. What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

[quote]Couple months ago I figured I would try crossfit as I have a vacation coming up and wanted to get ripped for the beach

5’9 178lbs 24%bf
Saywhatnow? Dude, if you’re anywhere remotely-close to 24% right now, I have no clue how you were trying to get ripped for the beach when, to be honest, you’re still way fat. Am I missing something here?

Ben Bruno had knee surgery himself, and he’s put out some great info about training with it. This is one of a handful of articles he’s written on the topic:

This could be too much to ask, but is there any wiggle room in when you can lift? Some guys have issues going all-out 100% heavy first thing in the morning. If that’s your schedule, then that’s your schedule. But you might find it useful trying to find an hour or so at another time of the day. (If you’re pushing your pace like you should be, about an hour should be plenty of time to get good work done.)

Regarding programs, Westside for Fat Bastards would seem to be pretty much what you’re looking for. Morning cardio, evening lifting: