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I’m 20 years old turning 21 in November best lifts dead lift 500lbs squat not sure been doing hack squats for ages and smith machine like 10-20 reps has helped with wheels ! im 6ft 93kg 12-15% been training since 2008

Questions are i have never used aas before and was thinking about doing so in December my goals are to have the same measurements as Antoine vaillant hes my idol

ive herd allot of talk app hes never done slin or gh just wondering how true is that ? and is hes physique attainable without slin or gh … i personally do never want to touch slin and prob wont have the money for gh … also stated somewhere he only uses pre contest grows into comps

Question 2 my mind is still unsure about gear i wont to be like that and get a pro card but another part of me doesnt things that turn me off is losing a natural sex drive not having kids losing hair … Doug miller natural pro is my natural idol atm

q#3 i have a friend who i can get legit suss 20 amp for 36$ !!! ill save allot of $ if i start but i dont think suss would be a good first cycle ive talked to an ifbb junior he said 1st cycle 500g test E and 500 deca or boldanone first cycle

thanks all

id definately drop bf before starting and i dont see whats wrong with a sust only first cycle most ppl prefer to run test only anyways for the first time.

[quote]beefcakes wrote:
id definately drop bf before starting and i dont see whats wrong with a sust only first cycle most ppl prefer to run test only anyways for the first time.[/quote]

At 12%? A true, no bullshit 12% is not at all fat. Not sure why he would need to cut first. If he gains a ton of muscle, his bodyfat % will actually go down even if his actual fat (in weight) increases slightly.

Just be prepared to inject every other day with Sus because of the prop in it.
Some ppl aren’t comfortable with injecting so often on their first cycle.
I did Prop only for my first and didn’t mind ED injections.
Also I think a lot of ppl would recommend running test only for a first cycle.
But if I’d had access to Deca At the time I definitely would have added it to mine.

I think sust is ok EOD.

Test only or test + 4 weeks of dbol or anavar is what I would recommend for a first cycle.

Don’t forget hCG and an AI.

your ready man. If you dont mind pinning id say get the sust but the only positive id see with test E is getting by pinning only twice per week.

not sure if this worked or not … i was on my work comp

yeh i would love to do test e and deca 1st cycle but since i can get suss pharm grade im thinking of doing suss and deca maybe …

ill find out Tuesday if i can get it or not … i can get clomid and nolva if she can … not sure about hcg

thanks guys this forum rocks no bull shi here !

still waiting on prisoners reply !

I dunno if deca on a first cycle is such a good idea. I’d stick to test only personally

deca can be tricky man. you need more ancillaries as well which add to cost

Cost is fine ! Can some one plz pm prisoner and link him to this :slight_smile:



dude prisoner hasn’t posted here in centuries. PM him yourself if you must but constantly bumping the thread in the hope he’ll see it won’t work

I can’t pm haha btw guys couldn’t get the pharm grade stuff feels bad man