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Looking for Advice: Test E and Deca

I’m 5’ 11" 28 years old and 230. This is my third cycle i will be starting. First two cycles I did with minimal knowledge but turned out fine. Basiacally it was a few hundred mgs of test e a week and when I stopped I just waited two weeks then took tamoxifen for about a month after. Everything went back to normal pretty qucik.

Now I just want to know whats the best way to do this. Ive read hundreds of articles online and everyone says something different. Im just trying to figure out whats the safest thing to do? Should I take hcg or anti estrogens during ? should I wait till after? Honestly the only sides I felt or noticed before was some deppression for a few weeks after. Also My testes pretty much go on vaca when I’m on.

I’m just looking for advice dont be mean or I might cry. I have acces to pretty much anything so Anyone got any good advice? Also Dont respond unless you have info to back up whatever you suggest. Dont just say yea take .5 this eod. Please explain why.

So you basically want us to do all the research for you?

My advice? Don’t do Deca if you plan to PCT. That stuff stays in your system forever. Like, 8 weeks minimum after ceasing Deca before you can even think about a PCT.

Agreed ^
You dont even sound prepared to do a cycle of testosterone, nevermind deca. Your nuts will be on permanent vaca if not done right.