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Looking for Advice on T Replacement

38 Years suffering from symptoms of low T. No motivation, no drive, no sex drive, still in good shape but seem to have a hard time losing fat. No matter how much i lift it seems i make very little gains.

I found a clinic an hour away and they said they will do bloods. Based on my bloods (if needed) give me test injections for 10 weeks with HCG. I have great insurance but they said insurance will not cover their treatment ? Cost is 700 for the 10 weeks ? Does this sound right or should i look somewhere else ?

The telemedicine places are more reasonable. Seems steep to me.

Why 10 weeks? You dont take Test for 10 weeks you take it for life. You dont go to a clinic with low t symptoms to do a cycle you go for testosterone replacement which is life long or until you decide you would like to return to being low T. And no insurance doesnt pay for clinics. Your primary care DR could do labs and prescribe you test but it can be a pain in the ass. They also won’t bring your levels up to an optimal number and wont prescribe hcg.
I am going to pay like 1300-1500 this year for Trt and hcg through my telemedical clinic. My bluecross covers my labs so it lowers the cost a bit. Next year and every subsequent year after will be cheaper do to longer time spans between labs and consultations.

Thank you Jimmy, the doctor said its 10 weeks and then another lab test to see where we are at and adjust the dosage. If my T is low ( which i am sure it is) i am in this for life. I do not mind paying 1300-1500 a year but 3000 plus for the year is rough. I am new to this what is a telemedical clinic ?

You deal with them online and over the phone. You do labs local and they get sent to them, and then they ship your meds to you. Most t clinics are a joke. They usually want you to come in for expensive once weekly shots, do very minimal blood work and have very little working knowledge of TRT. They are overpriced and are just looking to separate you from your money. They are the place most likely to give T to someone with good levels and usually start at 200mg which is high. Thats how they get away with charging so much

Which telemedicine clinic do you use? Do they dose you the right amount?

Defy medical out of tampa FL. I take 40mg test and 200iu of hcg every other day. That was my starting dose with them. They raised me up from 100mg my gp had me on. I have a consult in a month which will determine if i stay drop or raise that dose according to labs.

You do subq?

Yeah. Both at the same time, same needle.

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Does HCG improve your concentration? How long was it before you started T that you noticed an improvement in life?

Jimmy, defy is who I’m going thru now! Getting my first bloods this week!

Not sure if you got this sorted out but if you are still having problems I can introduce you to my doc. I think it’s $150/month and you get your prescription in the mail. If you are looking for lots of oversight then this isn’t for you. My email is on my profile if needed. There’s many similar options out there but I’d be happy to put you in touch if you need it. I had a hard time finding a decently priced place myself.

You said in your other post like this your clinic/Dr has never done any blood work. How does that work? Sounds like a ugl source more than a clinic

They did blood work pre-trt and it’s included in the monthly fee. Like I stated if you want lots of oversight then this isn’t for you. I could get blood work monthly if I wanted but I do it on my own through discount labs. I use them as a source to get compound grade T and manage my own dosing and blood work. It’s definitely not ideal for everyone but it works great for me.

I think most guys would love to be given free reign with their trt. What would happen though is you would have alot of guys going through 10-20 mls a month

Well fortunately they send a 2 month supply every 8 weeks so you can’t get too crazy with it. Plus with T as cheap as it is if you want to go crazy with it you can do it cheaper getting it off the net but yeah I agree it’s definitely not ideal for someone that has no clue about side effects & dosages. It’s a great option however for people that have a hard time getting a prescription and have to go through stupid docs that have no clue.

But what is a 2 month supply? If they arnt doing follow up labs how do they know what your levels are. How about Hemoctrit? What if you end up having a heart attack and your blood is thick sludge when you get to the hospital and it was never monitored? Do they just sign the company over to you at that point or do you actually have to bring them to court?