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Looking for Advice on PCT

Cycle would be for a 215lb male at 35 years old

16 week cycle,
Test 400 @ 600mg/week
EQ @ 1200mg/week
Decca @ 300 mg/week
Armidex every 2nd day

Wondering what a good PCT would be for this cycle, I have nova and HCG at my disposal, If only these are sufficient, what would the recommendations on doses and length of time?

Thanks in advance for any tips, thanks!

Why are you running over 2G of compounds but don’t know how to PCT? Who advised this?


With EQ and deca you are going to need to wait a long time to start PCT, especially at the EQ dose you are using. I would run the test longer than your other compounds. The EQ is going to need 8 weeks to clear at that dosage to be ready to PCT, and it also needs to be run a long time to get the effects from it. I would consider running the test 20 weeks, and the other compounds 16. Once you stop the test I would use HCG EOD tapering up each week to 500 iu per shot, and start at 250iu. The taper is for e2 sides, and as the test clears you will be able to handle more, and it will likely be more effective with lower test. Then do the standard nolva 40 40 20 20, don’t use HCG during the nolva.

IMO the reasons above make EQ at high dose not so favorable for cycling, and better for blast and cruise.

Be careful with adex too. It is easy to overdue, and low e2 is not a nice thing.

I personally wouldn’t run nandralones and eq in a stack, it causes blood to thicken,
theres always a risk of bp fluctuations, blood clots, maybe even high polycythemia.
the stack misses out on caber,for prolactin on cycle

Why not use clomid instead of nolva?

Clomid works fine. It just has more reported side effects. It seems many report spotty vision (eye floaters), and other undesirable things. Nolva gets some reports of side effects, just not as many.

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