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Looking for Advice on My Squat

Hey guys,

i’m doing BBS Leader at the moment after FSL on the prior cycle. The numbers look good, the reps feel strong - exept on the squat. The weight feels heavy, eventhough it’s just around bodyweight and my form breaks down at least on the top set (butt wink and knee valgus).
At the moment i’m using my Safety Squat Bar for the supplemental on most days; assistance for single leg/core is RDLs (4 x 12) on bench day, Goblet Squats or Lunges (4 x 12) on press day and Hanging Leg Raises (3 x 15) on Squat/DL day.

Now i was wondering, if you could give me some good advice, how i may improve my squat. Which template (4 days please), supplemental and/or assistance may help buildung a stronger squat? Is there any magic bullet, that has helped you?

Thanks a lot!

There’s never a magic bullet, but the best thing I ever did was paused squats. 2 long deliberate seconds in the hole. Dont lose tightness. Made everything click.


Your training max is too high… lower it. If your form is breaking down, regardless of any arbitrary frame of reference in relation to bodyweight, then the weight is too heavy.

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Post a video

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If your form breaks down, lower the weight, do it correctly. Understand that strength training is not a linear process - sometimes you have to repeat and repeat and repeat. Welcome to the real world of strength training.


Thanks, i think i’ll definetely lower the TM at the end of the Anchor and re-do the cycle. Do you think, lower steps (increading by 5 LB instead of 10 per cycle) mights help? And since i’ve seen, you recommend widowmaker for squat on the Hardgainers-template, do you think this could be kind of a magic bullet?

Yes, you can lower the TM increase from 10lbs to 5lbs. - I use this with most of the people I work with.

As far as the Widowmaker sets - horrible idea. Really not good. Stick with 5x5 FSL work for supplemental work for another year or so. No chance in squatting in a fatigued state when you can’t squat correctly.

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