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Looking for Advice on Game Plan

Hey everyone, maybe a weird question but just looking for advise on how to reach my end body goal of 6’3.5 roughly 250 lbs and 10% to 12% body fat. I’m currently 259 lbs but about 20% bf. So would it be better to get to 250 and maintain weight as I improve my composition? Or cut down to my bf goal and then add muscle from there? Weird question I know but it’s been pulling at me lately.

get lean, then grow.

Life’s better with abs. Only fat guys’ll tell you different.


Get huge, than cut.

Abs are for fuck bois, only fuck bois will tell you different.



Lmao, well, 1 to 1

10% at 250lb? I don’t even think that’s attainable natty.

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Get reasonably lean first. Then slowly grow.

What do some of your lifts look like number wise?

Been doing 531 for a few months, love the power lifting stuff, just maxed on the press at 135, had shoulder problems for months, didn’t do any pressing at all, Tuesday maxed my squat at 275, not a lot I know but baby steps. I max my bench today and my deadlift tomorrow. I expect my deadline to be at least 375 and my bench around 250.

Well when I said 20% bf I was over estimating, at 1 about a year ago I was 210 around 13%bf, but I’ve always been a bigger guy, by middle school I was over 6ft 250. So I felt too small and starting eating and lifting reckless lol

For a little more info, was lifting for mostly fat loss for about 6 months, then felt too scrawny, missed the gym for about 2 months, put on lots of fat, then got back in the gym lifting reckless for size for about 6 months with no real director and been doing 531 since about november. So last March was 210, got all the way up to 284 and have been cutting back down and now I’m about 257 258 259 roughly

Lifts are nice, you’re not new to lifting - though do you have any recent pics? Unflexed from the front and side can help us see if 10% @ 250lb is attainable.

I can take some tonight, I do know most people are always weirded out when they find out how much I weigh, people consistently guess much lower than I actually am

The skinny one is when I was about 210 and 13%bf

That’s quite a bit more than 20% body fat. Lean out.

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I’m absolutely going to get leaner, my question is in which direction should I get leaner? Since Jan 1st I’ve lost about 27 lbs, today I stuck around 256, I’m going to be at 250 soon. My question is should I maintain my body weight at 250 and then work on getting to 10%? Or keep going lower than 250, hit 10% bf first, and then bulk up to 250?

keep cutting


Keep getting lean post 250

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You are going to need to get much lower than 250 IMO. Drop weight until you see muscle.

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You’re around 30% now, your 210lb looks about mid-high teens.

Whether you want to keep cutting or maintaining is entirely up to you. There really isn’t no right or wrong answer.

I’m 5’8" myself and 152lb, around same bf as you when you’re 210 but I’ve been fat my whole life. All I want to do is hit 10% and do a long steady clean bulk. I’m still a fat person inside and it’s my own insecurities that are making me keep cutting, even though I’ll look ridiculously underweight.

If you’re happy with carrying the extra fat around then that’s fine. Just my $0.02

Based in those pics, trying to maintain 250 is silly when you factor in how slow muscle growth occurs. IMO, stop thinking about weight and think about how you look. Train hard, eat to fuel it and support what you’re doing, and let things move at an intelligent pace where you lose fat and gain muscle over time. Just my opinion of course