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Looking for Advice on First Cycle

Hey Everyone - I’ve been reading a few posts and it seems like the people in this forum are pretty helpful so thought I would give it a try.

6’ tall
180 lbs.

Here’s what I just purchased:

  • Primobolan (2x) 100 mg bottles

  • Boldenone (2x) 300 mg bottles

  • Testosterone Cypionate (2x) 300 mg bottles

  • Oxandrolone (100x capsules) 25 mg

So… as you can see, it’s a lot. And I’m trying to figure out where to start. I’m not sure if I should be taking all 4 at the same time, or what dose I should start with.

All recommendations are welcome! Would like to get different opinions about what is the recommended dosage for maximum results/gains vs. what is safe for someone just starting.

Please help. Thanks in advance!

Just eliminate 3/4 of the compounds and your cycle gets much easier. First cycle should be test only. You have no idea how you’ll react to any of these drugs, so you only introduce one at a time.

In your case of you simply had to run more than one (you most assuredly don’t, but for the sake of argument I’ll pretend you do) you could add the anavar in mid cycle, after you’ve gotten used to how your body reacts to the test. But the smart way is to just run test your first cycle.

Had to modify this for your compounds:

Week 1-10: Test Cyp 300 - 600mg/week (better lower than higher)
Week 11-12: nothing
Week 13-14: Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) 40mg/day
Week 15-16: Nolvadex 20mg/day

Thanks Guys! I had already assumed that I should not be introducing all 4 at one time, so thanks for confirming.

However, based on what you’ve suggested and what I’ve purchased, here is what I’m thinking:

Week 1 - 2:
300 mg Test/ per week
Week 3-4:
Boldenone 300 mg/ per week
Week 4-6:
Primobolan 100mg/ per week + Avanar 280 mg/per week (40 mg/per day) – figured I’d end with this stuff since its better for cutting cycle and you’re less likely to retain fluids. (don’t want man boobs lol)

I’m going to follow up with my contact to see if I can get Nolvadex or HCG (I’ve read this is preferred) – if so, would work this in week 4-6 and week 7-8 (when I’m off cycle). Not going to start until I have something for PCT, and I clear plan forward with what I have now.

Also, this was only half of what I was supposed to get. The entire cycle (according to my contact) was supposed to be 15 weeks. I didn’t want to make that big of an upfront investment not knowing how I would react to these. The plan is to start this cycle first and then mid-way purchase the rest.

Would you recommend that I just go with what I have, and give my body a break after this? Or should I keep going? (of course, only if my body permits and I’m not having adverse affects by that point)

Thanks again for all the help. I’m a fairly healthy living guy with no health issues. But admittedly I’m a little afraid of what can happen if I over do it. I really just wanted to get one cycle to help give me the boost that I need to get where I’m going, but plan on doing it all natural once I got my routine down.

The guy I’m getting this from has clients who are bodybuilders in competitions, and that is not at all what I had in mind for why I’m doing this. Not trying to get super bulky, just put on some lean muscle mass and look shredded.

Nope still a bad idea. You asked for advice or suggestions and got it but what I think you were looking for was validation which no one her is gonna agree this is a good cycle for you except you.

As other have said too many drugs at wrong dosages and you never start a cycle until you have all the gear for whole cycle and pct drugs on hand

EQ needs to be run for 16 weeks at least to be effective (greg doucette ifbb pro verified info)

Wtf are you going to do with 200mg total? A 4 day cycle?

So like 150mg per week like @jackolee does that would give you 4 weeks so that’s the time it takes that type of test to just build up in the system, you should run at least 8 if not 12 weeks or more on test

Run 50mg/day and you’re good to go

I think you misunderstood how he was explaining what he had. I assume when he says “2x 300mg bottle” he means 300mg/ml and they are 10ml bottles. I assume this because 1.) that’s how every single UGL sells them, and B.) nobody makes 300mg/ml ampules.

If you came up with this plan yourself then you have a WHOLE LOT MORE research to do.

If the guy you got your stuff from said to do this layout then do not EVER follow his advice. Seriously your dick might not work after one of his cycles.

My understanding is you are doing two weeks of test followed by two weeks of EQ and then two weeks of primo with anavar. I hope I misunderstood you. Genuinely I hope I miss interpreted your layout.

Test cypionate has to be run for a minimum of 10 weeks really it should be 12.
EQ should be run at a minimum of 12 really 15.
Primo depending on what ester it should be the 10-12 or if it is a true “primo” knock-off and has the acetate ester then maybe 6 weeks for special situations but really 8. Primobolan is a name brand for methenolone acetate but everyone tends to call both esters the name primo.

Nothing you got will do anything running it for two weeks or for a total of 6 if that is what you meant for the test cypionate.

I read the part about you wanting to see how you reacted before buying all the bottles. In theory this makes sense but in practice this is a bad idea. I can’t even count how many stories I have heard about guys starting their cycles without everything they needed and something happened like delayed shipping. Always have everything, you need to especially include your PCT, before you pin the first shot of anything. You do not want to end you cycle without the necessary recovery drugs trust me and many many others on this point.

If you have not listened to reason and followed the advice of the members here yet then let me reiterate something iron said, “TESTOSTERONE ONLY ON YOUR FIRST CYCLE!” (I did paraphrase a bit) I know you already bought half of your stuff so you have some EQ, primo and anavar, just save it. Stick it to the side for when you can properly use it and harness all of it’s benefits. Trust me you can’t properly harness it right now.

Please let me know that you were not planning on running test for two weeks then switching to EQ for two weeks then primo and anavar for two weeks. Even if you meant a total of six weeks all that would do I shut down your natural testosterone production and literally give you no results. Those six week cycles you see online are with short estered hormones and only done for specific situations. The average guys has no business trying to run a six week stack on his first cycle, especially if it has all long esters in it.

Go read up on esters, estered hormones, half life, and why we wait two weeks after a long estered cycle to start PCT. Also read up on the wait period of short estered cycles.

I seriously hope there was a typo. If there wasn’t and your source understood what you were planning and didn’t immediately object and try to correct it, then someone should set him up so he stops helping people seriously damage themselves for a profit. And I wish no ill will on any person who is just barely putting effort into not being a dick, my bar is about as low as you can go. But if he understood what you were planning and didn’t try to correct it then he shouldn’t be associated with this world. All he will do is give it a bad name.

I clearly state this in closing. I have no intention of this post coming across harsh. What you wrote and how I read it concerned me that much.

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@iron_yuppie no I’m understanding correctly, you’re one who’s not grasping the stupidity of this cycle, his ampules are 1ml and he has 2 ampules of test, 2 ampules of primo, and 2 ampules of EQ.

Obviously someone makes 300mg/ml dosage otherwise how could he have 300mg/ml ampules?

This cycle will fuck you up just as bad as blasting a gram of test for 12 weeks but at least you’d maybe get some gains out of that

Do you have any of the following on hand? :

I just didn’t think someone was this stupid. Evidently he is.

Even I being extremely stupid would not run a new compound every 2 weeks lmao


How can I like your post multiple times? Please help

I hear primobolan acetate is rather irritating to inject, any personal experience? Here it’s like 50mg/ml and expensive (over 100$ for 10ml of 50mg/ml). Regular metenolone enanthate is far more affordable.

Oral primo is even more costly here if you want a legitimate product. Pharm grade primo is probs the most expensive here now that I think of it

Hey man, I appreciate the feedback but if you think I was looking for validation and not advise you’re wrong. If you actually read my last post, you would’ve understood that I’m not starting anything until I have a clear plan forward that is both smart and safe. But thanks anyway.

I have run what I at the time expected to be primo enanthate. I say it like that because I had a good source. However after the fact I wonder if it was what it claimed to be. It was part of the lead up to me making the move to home brew.

You gave a cycle people told you not to then you said this and again listed the same drugs so you should expect the same response. No matter how you list the drugs/dosages in a cycle format is someone going to reply and tell you it’s a good idea

Thanks bud! But no, when I say (2x) 300mg - I mean that I have 2 bottles that are 300mg each.

Thanks man, really appreciate you taking the time to share this detailed response.

To confirm, no you did not misunderstand me and it was not a typo. So obviously, I have much to learn which is why I’m on this in the first place and why I’ve decided not to start anything until I’m fully prepared.

Yes, this is what I have now. I just reached out to my guy to see if he can switch out the primo and eq for more Test. No, have not told him about this plan yet, but he did suggest taking low dosages and stacking – which I’ve been suspicious of since I got this stuff. He’s also going to get me HCG for PCT so definitely not starting until I have that in hand.

If he’s not able to swap out it out then I think I’ll just take you advise and store that away for safe keeping. And work to get more test instead for now. I only have 2x 300mg bottles of Test and that’s nearly enough from what I’ve heard and read that’s not nearly enough for a full cycle.

How about the Var? I have 100 capsules of 20 or 25mg each – dont have them in front of me right now. But this is the only thing I have right now that seems like maybe enough for a cycle. 4 weeks at 60 mg a day or 7 weeks at 50 mg a day so on so forth.

Im going to keep at it but thanks for the support. And will keep everyone posted as things progress and I get a better grasp on this. And it looks like I can add images, so maybe one day I’ll throw one up of me looking ripped lol

Oh man iron_yuppie - just when I was starting to like you. A stupid person, would not have come on here asking for recommendations. So who’s really stupid? The person asking for advise, or the person who read my posts and only absorbed what he wanted to. Thanks though!