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Looking for Advice on Cutting with Insulin

Let me know what you think, and no B.S. about danger,s I have done my research and know the risks. I am just getting interesting results. I workout 3 days alternating muscle groups with <1min between sets, 1 day off, then repeat. I am 200lbs but drinking 2-3 gallons of liquid a day so lots of water weight. My first cycle of of Humulin R while cutting and this is what my plan looks like:

<400g Protein
<40g Carbs
<40g Fats
more or less 2000-2200cal

8iu after morning cardio 30-60min
8iu after main workout 60min

Plenty of other Supplements but no “Gear”

100g protein and 10g carbs post cardio and main workouts. I have been watching my carb intake and have been on the edge of hypo before but just pop a 5g dextrose tab. My main question is my ratios and more specific, my carb intake. How low should I be getting it? to the very edge or what will bring my the best results for maintaining muscle (Not the safest results).

Also if you have any other advice on my routine that would be great. I find it hard to get straight forward answers and my knowledge of insulin is good, I work with it every day but my knowledge at applying it isn’t really the greatest. If any experienced user wants to take me under their wing I would appreciate it.