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Looking for Advice on Cruise

Hi people,

been reading alot of info lately about blasting and crusing / bridging cycles etc, can any one with experience tell me how much water that is retained on cycle will be kept on a cruise dose?

ive read alot that suggests that if you were to cruise or bridge instead of ending cycle and doing pct then you would keep far more of the gains so leads me to beleive that you will keep all the water? is that right?

Im considering cruising on trt dose or bridging 2 cycles and just want to know if im going to constantly look blown up and like im holding alot of water? Or whether on the cruise because its a low dose of test if i will loose some of the bloat?

Any input appreciated!!!

I dont think a cruise on Test alone will cause bloating. I cruise on a fairly high dose and have good definition and vascularity pretty much all the time. Just keep make sure you incorporate arimidex at the appropriate dose for you.

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normaly, when crusing, you lose water… just because you don’t have that much of steroids in the system. Steroids tend to hold water, so… I look much better when crusing, end of first week and second week, if you are dry, not much fat, you look awesome till the 3 week! Sometimes I drop hgh too, so, u look stage ready…

Your cruise foundation needs to be as carefully managed as TRT.

Problems on a cycle are limited by the duration of the cycle. With B&C, the problems of your cruise are forever.

You seem to be worried about the effects of estrogens. You need to actively manage E2 levels. Steroid levels do not drive “water”, elevated estrogens will.

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Evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Thyroid hormone fT3 is what gets the job done and it regulates mitochondrial activity, the source of ATP which is the universal currency of cellular energy. This is part of the body’s temperature control loop. This can get messed up if you are iodine deficient. In many countries, you need to be using iodized salt. Other countries add iodine to dairy or bread.

Thats ideal, thanks for your replies as always lads. V helpful. Im not currently using an AI as im waiting for a delivery but will be chucking dbol into the mix in a couple of weeks and adex will land with that.

What dose Adex should be taken with 500mg of test cyp (and soon 30mg dbol ed)


General rule of thumb on Adex is 1 mg/100mg of Test/week. However since DBol (i think) aromatizes into Estrogen, I’m not sure what the increase should be. Would love hear other opinions as I plan on a DBol/Deca/ blast in the Fall.

Okay so most people are telling me .5 mg eod. I wouldn’t do deca without a test bro unless you don’t want your dick to work. Look into sust nd deca with a 4 week kickstart with 30 - 50 mg a day dbol. Good luck and keep me posted

Second blast here and no bloating through first blast or first cruise. It was all about keeping E2 in check. I do it by blood work, but can kind of start to tell when it’s out of whack.

First time on 125mg test e / wk for TRT and you could’ve easily mistaken me as the Michelin Man. This is due to no AI (not going to get into a huge discussion as to why) and E2 levels reaching 75-85.

When I’m in the 20-26 range for E2, I’m fine, though.

While the general rule of thumb may be 1mg adex per 100mg test, this really only applies to low dose TRT patients taking like 0.5 mg E3D. Someone blasting 500mg test should not need 5mg adex; about 2mg should suffice at 0.5mg EOD (unless you’re an over responder).

Not gonna spoon feed ya much. Study what KSman posted and do some more research, period.

At this point, you don’t even have the basic knowledge or concepts down for a steroid cycle which makes me question whether you understand diet and training too.


How would you know what i know about cycles. Im asking about blast and cruise cause i never done that AND I dont use ai cause 1. i dont mind a bloat and 2. i dont suffer with gyno at all, ever, or acne so ill admit yeah i dont really know loads about AI but i dont use them. I know what to look out for and your obviously one of the ones who thinks you have to take AI with steroids.

Thats bullshit and i think people who get acne/gyno and have to take AI get a bit jealous of us lucky ones who dont need it. Plenty of well informed bodybuilders will tell you to keep it on hand for when you NEED it. And if you dont NEED it DONT take it.

Listen your talking to some one who has put on 14kg of weight in 6 weeks and im on a long ester test so due to the test only just kicking in THAT IS PURELY DOWN TO DIET AND TRAINING. It would be impossible to put that amount of weight on if i didnt understand diet and training. I used to run a boxing gym and train fighters so i probably know alot more about nutrition than you pal, your attitude stinks… Dont happen to be blasting Tren do ya? Tren seems to turn people into pure assholes. Anyway most people are polite on this forum your obviously one of those idiots who gets shitty with people asking questions and looks down on people if they dont know something. I ask questions to find out more wheres the harm in that?

studhammer Always greatful for replies man cheers

But don’t care about bloat.

Why ask?

Cool story, bro. But do you know that estrogen has an effect on much more than bloat and bitch tits, like, gains perhaps, whether it be low or high? Enjoy your 30 pounds of water weight, pal.

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I said i dont mind a bloat, asking whether the bloat will go away does not suggest i dont mind a bloat so nothing wrong with that statement. I asked because i dont mind a bloat but i dont wanna look blown up all year round wheres the problem there?

30 pounds of water weight is a ridiculous concept. Even dianabol the worst offender you’d struggle to put 30 lbs of water weight on, didnt you read im on a long ester test only nothing else. Theres not a chance on this planet that test cypionate would put 30 lbs of water on any one in 16 weeks let alone 6 you fool. (which is where i am at 6 weeks).

You where looking down on me for not knowing something about AI, and i think you will find pal that people often end up killing oestrogen instead of managing it and that will HINDER gains not help them. SO because i dont really know about a dosage of a drug i do not use you cannot assume i ‘dont have the basics or knowledge for cycling’ that is ridiculous isnt it you plum. Now on a brighter note cheer up, stop having an attitude with people - and have a nice day fgs! :slight_smile:

To answer this as simply as possible: If you do not manage your E2, the bloat will remain. With that being mentioned, some can inject higher amounts of testosterone and it aromatize less, leading to no bloat to less, to even the same. Test it out on your body.

You’re right, it is. It won’t be 30 pounds lost, but it definitely won’t be 30 pounds of lean body mass gained.

You keep throwing this out so I’m wondering if you actually know what the hell you’re pinning. You mentioned cyp, but, e could also be considered a long half-life as it’s only 1.5 days shorter than cyp. Are you pinning decanoate or undecanoate? Perhaps sust?

This is so wrong I’m not even going to take the time to argue it. Research the effects of both high and low E2.[quote=“heathdoggz89, post:11, topic:229244”]
you cannot assume i ‘dont have the basics or knowledge for cycling’
You’ve already proved this. Many times.

Just trying to help. But I’m not gonna write out a cycle for you to follow. Maybe just go with your friend’s advice… he seems very knowledgeable on the topic.

I am under no illusion and didnt even imply that the 30lbs would be lbm, that would be more ridiculous than thinking it would all be water weight.

Listen im always greatful of advice but i dont want advice to come with underlying attitudey sort of connatations. (im not the best speller)

The fact is you need healthy oestrogen levels, managing it is deffo the route to go however KILLING oestrogen will 100 percent hinder your gains.

Anyway i dont want an argument if you can talk to me man to man without trying to make me look or feel like an idiot and want to share your knowledge in order for me to learn more ill be greatful to hear what you have to say… This forum is for people to ask questions and learn more and ill be the first to admit im no expert on steroids thats why im here. So in future dont try and look down on people cause they dont know something. The steroid forums are full of people like that but i have to say T-nation generally 90 percent of people are cool.

And to answer one of your weird questions, im on a very reputable labs testosterone cypionate so i know exactly what im taking. The point i was making is that the weight i have put on will have very little to do with the test im taking. Proving the fact that i understand diet at least (if not training aswell)

Oh, really? Yet you’ve been blasting and cruising without an AI – which I might mention a crash is very easy to reverse, and hard to crash if dosed and/or monitored properly – because you’re worried about crashing your estrogen? This, my friend, is why you’re an idiot.

im not blasting and cruising? WTF are you on. I said im considering a cruise or possibly bridging two cycles!?

You really have had nothing relevant or worthwhile to say, none of your statement make sense you have assumed lots about me and what i know and do mate your a plum do one ive tried being nice.

How am i worried about crashing oestrogen lmao mate your a weirdo i dont have a problem with oestrogen as i already said I DONT GET GYNO or acne or any bad sides, thats why i dont take AI it has nothing to do with gains. But the fact remains constant, killing oestrogen will affect gains. My gains have been sick before i started the juice, if the juice puts on 15lbs ill be happy.

You have nothing concrete to say to me so now your making statements up haha go away and trolll someone else, easy to argue behind a computer you little mug go suck off some bodybuilders you little goon

Happy mother’s day to all those on here not managing their e2 levels!

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