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Looking for Advice on Choosing First Cycle

31yo 6’3 225lbs 13-14%bf, been lifting for past 12 years off and on but 5/6x per wk – 45-50 weeks per year for the last 4, first two years spent mostly on hypertrophy and last two mostly on strength and building on big lifts. Doing speed intervals for cardio 2x/wk. My diet is solid, currently 3300cals 40carb/30pro/30fat. I have a pretty good idea of what to start with based off of about 10 hours of research, looking at 12 weeks of test e 500mg/wk with an AI that i have not quite narrowed down yet, 4 wk pct with clomid and nolva – using them together seems to be the concensus, 100/100/50/50 ED for Clomid 40/40/20/20 ED. This seems to be a pretty popular run that I can see from what I’ve read except that I am missing an AI. What do you guys think of this setup up, anything i am overlooking and what do I need to consider when choosing an AI? I understand alot of this info is out there but I also know some of the stuff out there is outdated. Thanks in advance!!!

U look g2g… .5mg arimidex eod is where to start with ai. Should suffice for such a mild cycle.

Do ur research on high estrogen sides versus low estrogen sides as they can often be confused and misunderstood.

For me, water retention/bloat, puffy face, acne, oily skin, itchy/irritable/puffy nips and emotional feelings = high estrogen. Low estrogen will dry u out causing joint pain, as well as u will feel lethargic, weak and depressed. Be careful not to get paranoid and tank ur estrogen too low, it’s a miserable experience.

Good luck 2 u

Look at the PCT sticky in TRT forums. Yours should follow.