Looking for Advice (Lab Results)

First of all, thanks to anyone reading this I appreciate your help.

36" waist
Body/Face hair: can best be described as lots of space between hairs, ie. not full enough to grow a decent beard. Some chest hair ‘eagle look’
Fat is carried around guy and upper legs. My legs have always been larger but there is more fat now and my gut is definitely fatter than years gone by
health conditions: tired, grouchy, lack of empathy, moody (the woman kind) when I have a few drinks
No Rx drugs.
Currently taking:
650mcg Kelp ED
5000 ui VitD
1800 mg CLA
Whey Isolate
Creatine 5-10g

Lab Results:

Cholesterol 4,63 mmol/L (3,20 - 4,60)
Triglyceride 1,20 mmol/L (0,60 - 2,30)
HDL 1,22 mmol/L (0,90 - 1,60)
LDL 2,87 mmol/L (1,70 - 3,00)

Prolactin (E) 13 ug/L (Male: 3 - 13 ug/L)
Total Test 13,4 nmol/L (6,1 - 27,1)
Cal. Free Test 358 pmol/L (110 - 660)
Cal. Bioavail. Test 8,4 nmol/L (2,8 - 15,5)
SHBG 19 nmol/L (13 - 89)
Cortisol 142 nmol/L (PM <276 nmol/L)
Ferritin 109 ug/L (24 - 336)

Vitamin (E) B12 374 pmol/L (133 - 675)
Serum Folate 44,4 nmol/L (<10 nmol/L considered deficient)

TSH 0,96 mU/L (0,35 - 4,94)
Free T4 14,2 pmol/L (9,0 - 19,1)
Anti-Thyroid <3 kIU/L (0 - 6)

Diet: 1900 - 2300 kCal/day average
High fat - Coconut oil, cream, meat, cheese, bacon, eggs, bacon, almonds
High Protein - whey meat, bacon, eggs, cheese, salmon, chicken breasts
Low Carb (higher on workout days) - broccoli, carrots, coffee (lots), potato, white rice, more veggies
Sometimes I get drunk as hell on the weekends

Training: Wendler 5/3/1
Four days a week
Cardio is mostly walking

Testes ache: Every once and a while the right one aches a little. Not often

Morning wood is mostly hit and miss. Usually have at least a half chubby…or maybe a quarter chubby

Thanks again

When did you notice a change in yourself? Do you have anymore labs? cholesterol is high. whats the doc say? Why do you get drunk as hell? Are you stressed a lot? brain fog? frequent head aches? are you cold all the time? easily fatigued? any respitory infections?

When did you notice a change in yourself?
About the same time I started back in the gym, caring about my body again. Let it all slip for a while.

The doc says that I fall in the normal range for everything. Although one of my liver tests came back high, indicating a possible fatty liver. Was just one marker though.

I get drunk as hell because I have some stress (spouse job loss etc)

Brain fog: yes

Headaches: not frequent enough to remember

Not cold, unless I’m fasted with a bit of caffeine, then I’m freezing

Respiratory: No, I did quit smoking ~2 months ago now. Currently on 7mg/day NRT



try this see how you do!!

Why doesn’t doc do abdominal ultrasound and test for hepatitis? Do you have you antibodies for hepatitis? Did doc check glucose? try and get your labs from your doctors office… when i had high liver markers i did have fatty liver but also found fatty pancreas… You need to stop drinking and take good care of your liver!! You only have one… Milk thistle will help your liver markers also I know this is hard but your going to have to change your diet… Do a Google search for fatty liver disease… Not something you want to mess with… Are you an alcoholic?

iw84aces: There is more to the lab work, I’ll get that up soon. No estrogen levels though, wasn’t requested on the test unfourtunately.

After taking the adrenal fatigue test it appears that I am in the mid range. Not severe. I find it hard to answer those questions accurately.

Doc wants to do an ultrasound for fatty liver but claims there is a low likelihood of finding an issue. I’ve been given my hepatitis shots over the years; my needle book is jammed with stickers and stamps.

I don’t think I am an alcoholic. Every 1-2 Fridays I buy a 40oz bottle of liquor and finish it with my spouse over Friday-Sunday period. Other than that I am dry all week.


Just bumping up for more help please…

I would love to see KSman in this thread :slight_smile:


I would read the stickies, a lot of Info here. Keep an eye on prolactin. Read the thyroid basics sticky see if any of this pertains to you. Ur T is not insanely low what do you want to know? U need e2 labs lh and fsh labs ur prolly not deprived

Ur free t is half way in the range. I am on t and way above normal TT and free t is still only mid range so be happy for what u got. :slight_smile: