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Looking for Advice, First Meet in June


I got into lifting in a short stint in prison a few years ago, which is how i got started i trained hard with a lot of big guys. which is where i got interested in powerlifting.
i have my first meet in june.
i am 5.7
will be competing in 181lb/83kg wieght class
my lifts stand atm
squat 402lb/180kg
dead 485lb/220kg
bench 253lb/115kg

i eat around 3500 calories of clean food atm as i am trying not to get to much over my weigh in weight

i train westside style although with a much higher volume on squats.

my problem is i have hit a plato, mainly with my bench.

can anyone offer some advice as to where to go from here?


The two program I would recommend are Sheiko and Reactive Training Systems Generalized Intermediate Program. Both will give you more frequency and volume on all the lifts. Shieko uses lighter weights but much higher volume, RTS is higher intensity and slightly less volume. My bench was stuck for a while on 5/3/1, it went from 305 to 315 in 6 months. Nothing seemed to be able to get it moving again until I started the RTS program, now I’m around 350 on bench and everything else is moving up too.

The only thing is that it can be a bit complicated to use the program because you’re dealing with RPE and fatigue percents and that kind of thing, that’s why I also suggest Sheiko. If you want a program where you just punch in your numbers and don’t have to think too hard then Sheiko is the best one. There’s no max effort work or anything like that but Sheiko’s lifters have the most gold medals and world records of any powerlifting coach out there.

I would post some links but I hear you’re not allowed to on this forum. Just google Sheiko and Reactive Training Systems.


Go into this knowing you are going to win. That mental thought pattern works. It is an advantage no one can take away.


thanks chris_ottawa i am taking a look at the sheiko, looks to much more volume than i am doing currently, but less days training.