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Looking For Advice As Beginner Lifter

Fitness app, plug in my foods. Also I use a scale.

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Yeah x2 everything Chris said, especially cut waaay back on the insanity and just bring it in the gym.
For training try this…

or this: (due to your physical job do one on , one off/add rest days)…

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I will agree no end with this. Especially on the calories front.

Personally if were my mate and asking for help - I’d say carry on 5x5 for now. But understand it is a “time limited” programme. It will stop being useful very quickly. Its normally the press where people get stuck. And no amount of resets help. So when this happens (on ANY lift) look for a more sustainable programme.

This one works.

The secrete is to keep the weights / reps moving up steadily over time. Its called double progression. So were it says 4-6 reps pick a weight you can do for 4 reps. Then when you can do 6, add more weight.
It sounds “to easy” - but this method will get you to a really good level really quickly.

And good luck and never be frightened of posting questions. This board had a ton of VERY smart helpful people.

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