Looking for Advice and Critique

Okay /fit/ I need some help, advice and some critique

I’m 18 years old, 5’10 150 pounds been lifting
for 1 year and 2 months
Started at 130 pounds couldnt bench the bar etc…
Current progress over the past year of lifting i have made significant changes to my body and made a lot of strength gains but recently i’ve noticed when comparing to others my age that I don’t have much strength but I have decent aesthetics

Current: Flat BB bench - 135 5x8
Back squat 135 5x8
and deadlift 205 4x8

Other lifts are pretty good but overall i feel like i look soft, muscles look puffy and not to defined. My diet consists of almost always the same foods

Also I take Jack3d as a preworkout, whey protein and kre alkalyn

Breakfast i will have 6 eggs, and a whey shake and a banana,

Snack before lunch - 2 hours after breakfast- apple or banana, greek yogurt and a cliff bar

and lunch will usually consist of some shitty school lunch (grilled chicken patty) and 2 servings of a veggie that day.

then as a post workout meal I’ll have 1 chicken breast, half a bag of 90 second brown rice and 2 servings of brocolli and 2 scoop of whey.

lastly before bed Ill usually have another form of a snack (cliff bar, banana, peanut butter) and another whey shake
And I do this every day
My routine consts of Push Pull Legs Shoulders off

5x8 Flat bench(135)
4x8 INC BB bench (45s)
4x8 weighted dips ( +25 pounds)
4x8-10 tricep extentions

4x8 BB row (135)
4x8 Lat pulldown (110)
4x8 seated close grip row (110)
then either one handed rows or pullups until failure
4x8 Back squat
4x8 DL
4x8 Leg Press (265)

Seated shoulder press or OHP 4x8 (45s/ 125)
Standing shrug4x8 (85)
Front delt raise 4x8(35 plate)
DB flys 4x8(30)

So my quesiton is how am i doing so far? What can I improve on, change, and keep doing to improve strength and keep making gains and whats the reason I look so soft?

http://i.imgur.com/JEMqN9w.jpg Back
http://i.imgur.com/9AosQH9.jpg Front Bicep
http://i.imgur.com/RCjy7lb.jpg Tricep


Also take jacked only on big PR days or you adrenals will get fried over the long run

My advice would be to adhere to progressive overload better. A lot of people (I’m probably bad about it too) get it stuck in their head that the only possible weight increments are empty bar, 95, 135, 185, 225, 275 etc. You supposedly bench 135 for 5X8 and squat the same. You deadlift 205 for 5X8. Get it out of your head that the way to work out is to just throw one plate on and start benching/squatting/whatever. There’s no way that weight feels the same every time you do it, and some days you could probably go heavier (even if it means getting the 2.5 pound saucers and throwing those on) just like some days you should go lighter.

Or at least change the reps. If you’re only going to use 135 when benching/squatting, do more reps on the days you feel like you can. do 13 reps on the last set instead of 8

and I agree with Badger about jack3d and 5/3/1