Looking for Advice - 30 Y/O Looking to Retrain and Regain Athletic Ability

Hey @Christian_Thibaudeau - I enjoy listening to your advice and decided to sign up for this forum when I saw you are an active member :slight_smile:

My request is pretty straightforward - I’d like some advice on the direction to take with my training.


30 years old
16% Bodyfat (Measured by Inbody)
Play Goalkeeper in Soccer
No real injuries atm but some general ongoing niggles.

My training has been intermittent and inconsistent for a number of years. I have continued to train but without any real direction or focus.

In 2015/16 my lifts weren’t bad and I had a good overall fitness level:
Box Jump 45 inches; 85kg split squat for reps, 150kg Deadlift, 17-18 minute 5k run; ~ 82-85kg @ 10-12% Bodyfat

Now I have no idea where I am but it’s not there.

My mind is focused - I want to be the best athletic animal I can again - no specific goals, just all round better in every sense - jumping, sprinting, strength, etc…

What advice would you give or where would you start?

Any of your programs, articles, etc that would seem specifically appropriate to follow based on your understanding?

Any direction is appreciated!

Thanks and have a great day :slight_smile: