Looking for Ab Workouts

Hey guys,

Looking for some good ab workouts I can use at the end of my regular workout. Something I can do 3-4 times a week that takes roughly 5-10 min to complete. I have access to basic/standard equipment, but I’d prefer a workout that is mostly bodyweight exercises or uses minimal equipment. Trying to build muscle and get lean so anything that fits any of that criteria is much appreciated. Thanks guys!

You don’t need to do anything special for abs. Just hit them hard and heavy with cable crunches or something similar

[quote=“bd100, post:1, topic:214071”]
Trying to build muscle and get lean[/quote]
That’s a pretty generic goal, so I’m curious what your training actually looks like. Also curious about your current stats (height, weight, current fat level). If you have a bunch of fat to lose, it isn’t a case of “more ab work means better abs.”

Like Yogi said, simple is fine. Without knowing what your current training is, I’d superset a plank variation with something in your workout one day a week and superset a crunch variation with something in your workout another day.

I’m 6’5’’ 215 and somewhere between 12 and 18% bodyfat depending on the calculator I’m using. I use an agonist/antagonist workout (chest/back, hamstrings/quads, lats/shoulder) and train 5-6 times a week

Visible abs is all about getting very lean/true sub 10%.

Having said that, try these…

Dude, you’re a big guy. Or rather, a tall guy with a lot of space to fill out. If you focus more on “just” getting lean (meaning dropping fat), you’ll end up looking gangly. No offense. I’d suggest more of an emphasis on building muscle. These three articles, from 6’4" Lee Boyce, should help too:

I stand by my previous ab work suggestion. Minimal, with more time spent on the big stuff. And, obviously, don’t overemphasize training and de-emphasize nutrition.

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