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Looking for a Workout Plan for a Cable Machine


After shifting from working out at a gym to home, I invested a functional trainer (XMark 7626) and bench. I’m looking for general workout programs that are based on using a cable machine but I’m having a hard time finding any.

Does anyone know of any cable machine programs? I’ve also got kettlebells and just finished S&S but would like to start leveraging the cable machine in an efficient way (versus just going across a list of exercises that focus on different body parts).


What are your goals?

I recently acquired one myself. I still have to get an adjustable bench, but I’ll certainly be coming up with some type of routine relatively soon, which I can always share on here. Take in account though, that I am almost 50 and have a few surgeries behind me. I certainly don’t train like I used to when I was competing at high levels.


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For goals, I’d say overall fitness. I’m lucky in that I tend to put on muscle fairly easy so looking for a full body workout to keep me in overall good shape… I’ve also got a bar attachment to do bench press.

@The_Mighty_Stu, I’m just about 54 so I hear ya. I was thinking about just taking the poster of exercises that came with the machine and go down the columns to create 5 different workouts. Rows have exercises for each part of the body so just go column by column, doing 5x5s for each exercise!

I’m also looking on the interwebs for suggestions that I’ll share if I find something.

Whoops…didn’t respond to all messages. Thanks! I am looking for overall fitness/full body workout.

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Lots of possibilities with that machine. I looked it up and saw that it even has a pull-up bar.

My real concern is for your legs. What are you gonna do for them? High-rep goblet squats and swings?

But for pure upper-body work, there’s lots of possibilities.

Yes, it’s a great machine for the price! The number of upper body possibilities is almost too much to pick from. I probably just need to jump in and experiment to build a program.

For keeping leg bulk versus tone, I have KBs that I can sub in for goblet squats, Bulgarian split squats, etc.