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Looking for a training routine

Hey all,
If you remembered last week, I embarked on my own fat fast to help egg Laurie on. I am currently a 261lb 34 year old woman with a 46% bodyfat. In the last 5 weeks, I’ve lost 17 lbs and 2% BF on the Lyle Mcdonalds CKD diet. I’ve been using Joyce Vedral’s Definition lifting routine. 9 bodyparts, 2 exercises each, speed superset of 8,10, 12, 10, 8. 15 second rest between supersets.

This has worked so so for me, but I think I need something more. But I’m ready to kick it up and do the 6+lbs a week that Laurie does.

I need a good weight training routine to help accelerate the fat loss. I have a NordicTrack treadmill that I use on a daily basis (except Saturday). 30-45 minutes (Intensity varies)

I have some dumbells, and a weight bench with about 300 lbs total weights.

Can anyone point me to a good at home routine, or list one here for me?

I want to do it 3 days a week. And I would have to do it in the evenings after 8:30 (I have 2 kids)

I have a goal of about 30 pounds between now and May 10 (my anniversary). 6 weeks from now.

Can you help?

Is my goal doable?

I am taking the MD6, Methoxy 7, T2 Pro stack.

Please help you guys, I want to do this, so bad.

Thanks for all the help.

While I have never tried it I hear that meltdown training works pretty well. It looks like a bitch just a big circuit of the big movements. You should also try reading all the great info on this site. I hope that helps.

Well, i think you could try HST. I’m starting it today, and i supose it should be good for begginers also. See the TREV thread thats going on for more info. If you need help with exercices choice, just ask and i will help you.

Rosie, first of all, let me say “congratulations” on your progress. I think it’s great that you’ve decided to get yourself into better shape.

However, I would NOT attempt Meltdown training if you are not already in very good shape. Feedback indicates that it's extremely taxing, and would probably do you more harm than good at the moment.

Instead, why don't you look at Charles Staley's EDT routine? If you look in the past few issues of T-Mag you'll see a couple of articles about it, and since it's a progressive program you can take it from whatever level you're at right now and use it to make improvements.

Alternatively, you could post details of the Vedral routine that you're doing now and we could give you some more useful feedback. Either way, good luck!