Looking for a Trainer in San Diego

I live in San Diego. Just looking to work out with a bodybuilder. I have been training on/off for about 10 years. Definitly a novice. I just really wanna train with someone who knows what they’re doing for real. I need some type of guidance and motivation from a serious bodybuilder. If anyone is interested please msg me. I work in the UTC area and live in Mira Mesa/Scripps Ranch area.


You can probably find some people capable of helping you at World Gym in Pacific Beach. That place is, from what I understand, the closest to a bodybuilding mecca in San Diego. Should be a quick shot due west from UTC. I’d head there and ask if they have trainers who can help you.

There used to be a fairly hardcore gym in Poway on Poway Rd. right off of 15. It was literally right off the Poway Rd. exit going north. Wouldn’t take you more than a couple minutes from Mira Mesa. It changed ownership a couple times but I believe it is still there. I recall seeing a few very big bodybuilder-trainers while I was there. One of the guys was pretty helpful, too.

BTW, I love how a dude from Nebraska is giving advice to a guy from Wisconsin on places to train in San Diego.

World Gym in PB is probably your best bet.

I think 619Muscle (a poster here) works there or trains there.

I love world gym in PB. A few pros train there along with some other serious people.