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Looking for a TP in NJ

Anyone from the East Brunswick NJ area? I’m looking for a training partner.

Same here bro, but I’m in Toms River so it’s too far. Sorry.

Rockaway…but I am moving in 2 weeks anyway or I might take you up on it.

TP can be found at any convenience, drug, or grocery store. Unless Cornholio stole it all. You do know that his people have been without TP for so long.

tp for your bunghole?

Cmon I KNOW theres a lurker here from East Brunswick.

What about Rutgers New Brunswick?

Tryin…I’ll be up at RU interning in the spring on Tues. and Thursdays.

Hey bro, I work at Rutgers, but I workout during my lunchbreak at one of their gyms. Sorry bro. I’ll ask a few of my friends if they’re looking for a training partner. I’ll let u know.

IlCazzo, What times of day?