Looking for a T-Macgyver...

I was wondering if anyone has had any luck in creating their own forearm roller either building it from scratch or getting something at the gym to replicate the movement?


All you need is some PVC pipe, a little bit of rope, and something to bore a hole in the pipe. It should cost you about $1 at Home Depot.

I just got inspired to make one of these the other day. I was cleaning out my junk closets and had some leftover 1" diameter dowel and some rope (1/4" cotton clothesline). I wound the rope on to the dowel and tied some weights to the other end. For now, the initial windings of rope provide enough friction to keep it from slipping, but if I ever need to go really high tech I can always tack a staple in.

Of course, I’m using this at home. I imagine that if you whipped such a crudely fashioned device out of your bag at the gym, the metrosexuals would laugh at you for being an unsophisticated rube.

Nevertheless, see CT’s article for further inspiration: