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Looking for a Starting Program

Hi guys I am a new member just sighned up I have been scoutin the site the last couple of days finding some useful tips but I am still not sure what program I should start with. I am 15 going to be 16 in less then a month. I am around 6’1 6’2 and 160 pounds.

The only sport I play is basketball and I plan on working out now untill basketball season which starts in Thanksgiving. Any advice on what I should start with would be great thanks.


I believe if you research more, you can get your own program from this site. Just keep researching and just lift. If you’re playing basketball, lifting is not one of the biggest priorites in my opinion for you. I am sure your High school’s program is fine.

Since I used to play basketball, I will recommened this Jumping program for you however. I played basketball and doing this Jumping Program called Air Alert gave about seven inches to my vertical and it cut off .2 seconds off my 40. It’s a pretty demanding program, but if you do everything to the T you will be pleased with the results.

Here’s the website for it:

However, here’s the program for free. Yeah researching and scanning the internet has it’s benefits.!:

Good luck with the upcoming basketball season & that Air Alert program!

alright thanks and also I dont know if it matters for any one else who might find a program for me I am a SG/SF

Couple of random thoughts:

1.) Ask your Basketball coach if he’s got a couple of training programs that would be good for you. Basketball doesn’t really need a ton of muscle strength, (unlike, say, football) so your coach might have some specific ideas on what you should do.

2.) If nothing else, squatting and deadlifting should help your jumping ability and sprinting speed.

3.) Big question: Is getting better at basketball your goal here? Or are do you want to start lifting to get stronger/bigger/etc. ? This’ll make a HUGE difference in how you should train.

yea hes got a program but its 3 days a week and (isnt realy the best in my opion) hes got Arms legs chest all on same days it just doesnt look to be to good.

I play basketball everyday so I am not to concerned about how this will affect my play I just want to get bigger overall every where but not to the point where it affects my mobility. I am a SG/SF so i think i need a little of both.

Do a search for “Big Boy Basics” great starting place that and read all the old “Dawg School” articles.


I’de start with that.

i suggest ws4sb II, you can bulk up and helps with your sports. you look in the same boat as me a whille back, i was 6’ 6’1" and 160 took it down to 150 then bumped all the way up to 180. Just my 2 cents.

do you have a link for this program?

thanks for any help you can give?

Check out some training articles from Alwyn Cosgrove.

And the obligatory mention of “Westside for Skinny Bastards”. If I recall correctly, one b-ball player increased his vertical pretty significantly with that program.