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Looking for a SSB


EliteFTS has them for the most $$, close to $480 shipped.

This site, totalstrengthandspeed.com/, has them for about $80 cheaper. It looks to be the same barbell manufactured by Williams Strength I think without the middleman fee from elite.

Westside is selling them on there site for $400 shipped, which seems like the best deal.

I tried Texas Strength Systems, and they had a cheap one, but I emailed them and they said they didn't start manufacturing them yet.

Does anybody know of any other manufacturers or can provide a review of any of these bars?



I use this one from New York Barbells


It definitely gets the job done.


Also, looking at the site you posted, here is a sweet deal



Since you're in Ohio, you might try Berry's Barbell. I checked their website and they don't have one on there, but I'm pretty sure that they used to sell one?

Also, that $480 from EliteFTS is shipped -- if you can spare 3 hours of your life to drive to Columbus and back you can probably avoid that cost.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all of them come with the handles like the one from EliteFTS. If you plan on doing good mornings with it I'd suggest getting the handles.


Picking it up is the best option, but I think most of these equipment retailers drop ship a lot of their heavy equipment from the manufacturer's warehouse. I sent emails to Elite and Barry's Barbells, to see if they stocked them at their locations.

The one with the 2" ends is a good deal, and we have a bunch of metal plates that I think will fit no problem, but we recently got I think it is a 2" axle and none of the bumpers will fit on it, even the cheap ones. Unless anybody has this in stock to pick up, we're probably going to give it a shot.

I'll have to ask them about the handles though.

Thanks for the help.


Get the EFS one. I have a cheaper one and wish I spent the extra 200 bucks.


Any particular reason? You definitely know what you're talking about, so I'm interested in your input.


I have an older one from Elite and like it. No handles but I am thinking the guys might like the new one.


The Yoke Bar is a beast. $480 was a steep price to pay but short of the Hulk raging through the gym I don't think it's possible to damage it.


I emailed pretty much everyone and the handles are $70, which explains the difference in the prices between Elite and the original manufacturer.

Elite doesn't stock them, but told me they are getting a new version in soon, which they will stock in London. I think I'm going to wait for that one.


the efs one is great, i think it's rated at 1500lbs and even at 900 has virtually no bend in it. after 3 years the pad is still in good shape and the bar still looks like it's about new, holds up very well. also, the handles work great, wouldn't want to use one without the long handles.