Looking for a Single Ply Shirt

I am currently a multi-ply lifter and want to go to single-ply, I have a trx and it is outstanding, been using it for about a month and got 555 lbs out of it(do not know my raw max but probably around 370-410ish) and still learning how to deadlift in it but got 405 raw. Now I am looking for a single-ply shirt, I am experienced with a used overkill double ply.

I can have an arch and tuck my arms under, my raw max is around 300lbs and I’m only getting about 65lbs out of the overkill. I just need suggestions for a shirt, I was looking at the titan super katana but heard they don’t last that long, how are the inzers? I heard they are good along with the APT apex.

Also is it true that the metal single ply shirts are that bad?

Super katana or the super katana extreme are the two unbeatable shirts in the world of single ply powerlifting. And always angled sleeve, never straight sleeve.

Titan Super Katana or SK Extreme. Hands down, the best singles on the market. Andersonpowerlifting.com can get them to you faster than Titan.