Looking For a Shoulder Article

For the life of me I can’t find this article, searched for it and went through the author’s section.

It’s about healing a shoulder injury/injury prevention. I thought it was the shoulder savers series written by EC, but it’s not. Maybe it was Boyle, Thib or Robertson? But I didn’t see it anywhere.

I remember that it gives a bunch of suggestions and 2 of them were “Switch back squat to front squat” and “drop benching for 2 weeks”…there is also a pic of a bodybuilder doing shoulder presses with the caption that says “if your shoulders hurt, don’t do this”…or something to that effect.

Anyone know the article? My shoulder is killing me!

There is always the possibility that I dreamt about reading this article and it doesn’t exist…


I’m guessing it’s this one:


That’s the one! I knew it was by EC!

Thanks man, my shoulder owes you.