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Looking for a Short Story


I'm looking for a short story. It was a story where a man was sick and sent to a hospital with 7 or so levels. (The story may have started off with the man in the hospital) He was told he would be fine but they needed to keep moving him down levels due to testing purposes, ex. the mahcine they needed was on the next floor down. The lower the level you were on the sicker you were. Eventually he found himself on the lowest level and dying.

Anybody have any idea what i'm talking about?


i bet you're pissed i bumped your thread with no useful information.


Once upon a time, there was a sick man in a hospital. He died.

The End.

Is that one short enough, or are you needing something shorter?


"Seven Floors" by Dino Buzzati.


"In 'Seven Floors', a businessman with a minor ailment is admitted to a hospital in which each floor denotes a different severity of illness, the ground level being reserved for those about to die. By accident, he finds himself being shunted down floor by floor."


Captain fucking Caveman! That's a character I haven't seen in a long time. I loved that show when I was a kid...........sigh...........




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