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Looking for a Routine to Meet my Goals


I have been trying to find the best Full body workout. It has been a learning process trying to find out how my body works,I am new to this lifestyle and have changed my eating habits and changed my whole lifestyle.

I am looking to lose body fat and gain lean muscle.I am having trouble with my squat I tend to lean forward so I started to put in isometrics when I lift. I am weak in my hip flexor, glutes,and abs.I have started to run in the mornings. I eat six small meals every three hours, post and pre-work out shakes,hour after shake I have my post workout meal dinner.

I do not eat sugar or processed foods,no high fructose corn syrup,staying away from dairy, no coffee,smoking,alcohol.

My routines are full body
Mon.Full body emphasis on Arms
Tue.Full body emphasis Legs
Wens. Cardio
Thurs.Full body'' Arms&back
Fri.Full body ''chest and legs

I am 23 female
Height 5' 7''
160 pound
Size 8-10

Goals I have...
Tight curved Glutes
-Right now I do Squats 4 sets 15-20 reps with bar and 20 pounds also use box and isometrics
Flat abs
-planks,squat thrusts,crunches
Stronger hip flexor and upper thighs
-lunges,stiff dead lifts with bar and 30 pounds 4 set 15-20 reps
I would also like to lose 20 pounds I have been stuck at 160 for a few weeks now and it driving me crazy!!!


I'm sorry, but this does not constitute 6 meals;

If you check back in that thread, some people have given you some valuable advice.

Also if your dead set on doing a TBT program, you can find a whole host of good, tried and tested programs here;

Your just going to have to search through it and find what suits you. Look out for Chad Waterburys stuff;

Although I personally am not a fan of TBT style training, a lot of people have found it effective.

You might also want to visit the Sister site for some great advice;



Full body workouts work the ENTIRE body at each session, there is no emphasis on upper/lower or specific body parts.

If you're new to lifting, and want to do full body sessions, I suggest getting the book "Starting Strength" by Mark Rippetoe. He's got all the basics covered.

He also has a series of videos on how to correct your squat problem.

Here they are all in one place: