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Looking for a Road Map to Bench 500lb

Hey all. I have been searching and trying to find a roadmap to benching 500lb. I can currently max at 415 and I followed the attached picture’s roadmap. Does anyone have something similar to get me to 500? Or some kind of guide? Thank you in advance

Try running that 12 week program again, just add 5 pounds to all those weights.


On Scribd.com look for Bill Seno’s Pushing for Power. Can join the site free for a month and then cancel if desired. (Can’t download) Seno benched 2 x 545. Now in 80s, he was incredibly strong through at least 40s; Mr. America competitor, self made beast; trained Ed Coan and influenced Westside founder. Your lifts show you’d easily profit from this guy’s method.


Bill Seno, Holy Shit!


Awesome thank you