Looking for a Reliable Guide on AAS

I’m not going to ask for gear, sources on where to get gear, or ask to create example cycles etc.

I’m tired of waiting forever for responses and I’m too impatient.

I’ll pay $ through paypal for someone who’ll consistently help me with general questions and dosing questions, along with support while on my cycles. Nothing else. Anyone?

Hey I am an International Medical Doctor and athlete, currently do research in the field of Neuroscience.

I have personal previous experience with AAS and very satisfied with results.

Would be happy to share with you my knowledge as well as to provide you with reliable literature and paper publications in this topic.

If you are interested PM me. I will text you my contacts.

So, first, this thread is from 2008. I hope the guy isn’t still expecting an answer to this question because that’d be sad.

Second, there are no PMs on this forum. If you want to offer advice, post it. Just not to this guy because, see Point One.

Damn, I am just an idiot and super new to this forum. Thanks for letting me know lol