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Looking for a Prowler


Found this model on ebay. it encludes the straps and ships to my house for 205 bucks. what do you guys think about it.

Here is the link for it:


If you aren't worried about how it looks the easiest thing is to get one welded for you. A welder can do thiseasily and usually with materials laying around for pretty cheap. 36" is a good starting point. Make it 36" from front to back, 36" from side to side, and make the handles 36" long. Use rectangular metal 2" wide and 1" tall for the main parts and then metal pipe the diameter of an olympic plate for the handles.


the only thing i don't like is that it looks really narrow. I watched the video on their website and it looks like it's drifting all over the place. Personally, I'm thinking of investing in the econo prowler. Extra 150 dollars with shipping compared to this one but I think i'll get what i'm paying for.


think about where you are going to use it, if you are going to be using it on pavement you will want one with replaceable skis.


how fast do the skis wear out? I will be using it on pavement


I made mine out of wood. It was easy and cheap.


My experience with Prowler knock-off with un-replacable skis, me and 1 partner using 2-3 times a week for 10 x 40 sprints: 6 months, and scrambling to find a welder who, in turn, was a welder, and charged us a 'friendly' price of $50.


I found another knock off which is shipped to my house for 275 and he sells replacement skis for 50 bucks. seems like a good deal. no strap but ill make one myself


Any pics? I'm always curious to see what the knockoffs look like


Got to ebay. There are several from different sources