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Looking For a Program


I just bought a standard 300 lb Olympic plate set with the 7' barbell and also a bench and uprights that will facilitate squats. I'm looking for a proven strength and hypertrophy program that doesn't include overhead or explosive lifts. I don't have spatial clearance in my training room. No, I can't move my equipment around. I am on a right schedule and I need something that will work given my limitations. Hope you can be of help.


Any strength program will work. 5x5, 5/3/1, or the myriad of others out there. Do some Google searching, or use the search box here. A lot of information out there.

If the program you like has overhead pressing and/or explosive lifts, just don’t do them. You could add in something you would like to do instead-- be creative, but smart. It really doesn’t matter, you’ll get better with whatever you choose if you stick with it, I am sure. You can still use the programs and their basic principles even though you cannot use all of the exercises intended by the author.

Look into 5/3/1 by Jim Wendler, I think that would be an easy set up for you and a great book to read as well.


Johnny Candito has really nice free programs with linear progression. The strength/ hypertrophy - program might interest you. If I remember correctly it only features seated dumbbell pressing.

In general you could replace OHP with seated press or Z-presses (seated on the ground with legs in front).


Powerliftingtowin. Proven to work, no OHP, no explosive lifts.

You can also substitute OHP for incline bench in most programs (as most programs are strangely light on for bench volume)