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Looking for a Program to Get As Big As Possible

Hey guys i almost finished high school i am looking for a hypertrophy program here are some stats:bodyweight 169 pounds
Height 5’8 1/2
Deadlift 405x5
Squat 300x6
Bench 225x6
Military press 135x7
I am pretty strong in my opinion i just want to get as big as posibile any sugestions??
Sorry for my english.
Ps:here’s a photo of how i look like

What’s your current training regime?

I find that getting big has more to do with diet than with any specific training; but I prefer higher rep ranges (12 - 15) and going to failure over lower rep ranges. Anything under 8 reps and I can no longer feel the target muscle being worked and I’m focused too much on the movement; the weight is just too heavy to focus the way I need to. That mind-muscle connection is everything to me.

Man i asked for a program or atleast a template not for rep ranges stuides have shown that rep ranges dont really matter as long as volume is equated so yeah…

I just want to reach 190 pounds in the next 3 years and i am asking for some type of program to help with my goal clearly still wanna maintain some type of leannes.

Studies can show whatever. People who’ve gotten results in the real world know there’s a lot more to building muscle than simply matching volume. Getting your back up with an attitude this early in the thread isn’t a good sign.

What did you weigh last year?

If it was 150-something or 160-something, then you don’t need a new program. You need a new diet.

EDIT: Wait, are you fucking kidding me?

Spaz, instead of repeating the same question over and over again, you need to actually put the information into action. Based on all the numbers you’ve put out, you’ve made basically zero progress in strength or size this entire year.

I have no idea what you’re actually doing in the gym, but it seems enough to be maintaining what you’ve got. So get used to looking like you do right now. It’s where you’re going to stay, apparently.



or this…

for both will need to up calories significantly just for recovery let alone mass building

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Thank God you’re 5"8 and a half not just 5"8


Want me to waste that much time on you then you’re gonna need to pay me.


Building the monolith or Boring But Big.

I knew exactly who this was before reading the opening post.

Just imagine how big he would be by now if he followed the advice he got the first time he got it…

@lucas2321 Do Deep Water.


5 ‘ 8” and a half is elite height bro.

Dude, you’re off to a great start. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

ah shit, hate it when they do that.

OP have you actually done a run of any of the programs recommended in your previous threads??

To be fair, when you suggested Deep Water in that first thread, he was: “Weight: 167 pounds, Squat max: 335 pounds, Deadlift max: 420 pounds, Bench max: 240 pounds”

Today, almost-exactly six months later, here he is at 169 pounds, squatting 300x6, deadlifting 405x5, and benching 225x6.

That’s, like, progress. Almost. Sorta. Kinda. In Bizarro world.

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Walking backwards slowly out of the room.



Keep doing whatever workout you are doing but add 500 cals a day of food. You will not add size unless you are eating more.

Are these pictures actually of you? If so, I don’t think you really need any help

I see this one going well.

What a chode.

I imagine this pretty much is the intent of each topic he posts.

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To show off?