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Looking for a Program and Opinions


I train since 4 years, bro split always, skipping workouts because of a 6 day plan. I injured myself 2 times(small elbow injury, torn rotator cuff). Now i healed up and moved away from people who gave crap advice and i want to start all over again. My strength levels are really bad, i weigh 200lbs but thats mostly belly.

I seek help about a program to start with, i can train 3 days minimum but sometimes on consecutive days.



Start off with a full-body template like these below for a couple months, then move on to 5/3/1 or a Thibadeau program


Thanks for the tip but full body workouts are out of the picture because of my work schedule. I need templates where its not an issue to workout on consecutive days. :S


How bad is your strength level exactly… what exactly are your long and short term goals?


Well my bench is 175 for 1 squat is 185 for 1 and dl is 235 for 2. My goal is to get stronger while maintaining bodyweight and increase mobility because my injuries made my joints pretty rigid.


You can’t do a bro split on a 3 day a week training. You need to do full body workouts. There’s no way around this


Why not?

Full-body is certainly not the only way, but just curious.


Because i work long hours(10h is shortest 18h is lonhest shift). So i cant afford to do a fix schedule, some weeks i can some weeks i can go to the gym for ex monday friday saturday.


I recommend you have 2 workouts because of this. Workout A and workout B and alternate every trip to the gym. I prefer push/pull split but upper/lower would work.

Another option is to do a full body template. If you go to the gym back to back days then do high intensity cardio, abs, and possibly some isolation exercises like bi’s, tri’s & calves on the 2nd day.

I suggest focusing on big, multi joint movements on your main lifting days.

Regardless of what you decide to do, don’t skip workouts. If you want to squat on Thursday but don’t make it to the gym then make sure you squat the next day you go instead of moving on to your next planned workout.


What about

Day 1: Pull (back and biceps, maybe deadlifts)
Day 2: Push (chest/shoulders/tris)
Day 3: Legs (Squat, and maybe deadlift)

In my opinion, Push/Pull/Legs is the “Gateway” plan between Training for Asthetics(“Bro-Split”) and Training for Strength(“Squat/Bench/Dead”).

You can structure the plan, from 1 extreme, to train your muscles, similar to the BB style you are used to. Or, at the other end of the spectrum, you could use a “One lift a Day; Squat/Bench/Deadlift” approach.

Consectutive days wouldn’t be a big deal, and it’s really easy to adjust a simple plan like this.


Thats an interesting idea and i read a lot about this. In such a split how would be volume be split up ?Its fine for example to do it like this for starters:

1:Pullup 3x max
Bent over row 3x5
T-bar row 3x5
EZ-bar curl 3x8-12
alternating db curl3x8-12
Power clean3x5
Face pull3x8-12

2:Flat bb bench 3x5
Incline db bench 3x8-12
Standing ohp 3x5
Side laterals 3x8-12
Skullcrusher 3x8-12
Pressdown 3x8-12

3:Squats 3x5
Lunges 3x8-12
Deadlift 3x5
Back extension 3x8-12


Yes, that would probably be a good start, if you feel good about it.

It looks like you have most of the good stuff in there. You could play around forever, trying to get the “Perfect Layout” of exercises and days, but just getting in the gym is more important.


Okay thanks, is there anything as far as sets,reps,volume in general that can/should be tweaked maybe according to more of a strength workout?


My opinion:

The most important “tweak” will be in your mindset, or attitude about the work-out.

If you’re after Strength, like moving big weights, you usually focus the work-out around 1-2 “big lifts.” Like you Bench Press, or Power Clean first in the work-out. Maybe you do a couple warm up sets to prepare you, then you do your “work sets.” Usually the “work sets” build up in weight or “intensity” from week to week. After that, the assistance work supports, or builds up the main lift. If one silly little muscle isn’t totally targeted, who cares.

In my mind, a “Bro Split” is more about working the muscles. You wouldn’t worry about “warm up sets” and “work sets” or “main lifts” or “assistance.” You do 4 hard sets and blow up your pecs, then move on to 4 sets blow up your tris. No one exercise or set is any more important to the plan that another. “Intensity” is more like a “feeling” of working the muscles hard.


With that in mind i will most likely spend a month in the gym figuring out the best way to do it.


Having a “rough idea” and spending a few sessions kinda tweaking it is totally reasonable, in my opinion.

You may need to make a couple adjustments to keep your shoulders and elbows feeling good.


I learned to work around them, all my injurys came from outside interference. Like i injured my shoulders when my spotter on incline bench pulled the bar behind the pegs and just released it.


They’re just 3 days a week plans basically. With those beginner strength levels any 3 days will do -At worst If you did 3 days consecutively it really wouldn’t matter as you could then take 4 days rest from weights for the rest of the week which is more than enough.

If reeeally need a split do this then…


Avoid the guy that injured you!

Badger is cool!


I will read this also, i plan on a long term plan since i got used to doing routines for 8 weeks in fear of adaptation.