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Looking for a Powerlifting Meet


I am planning on entering a competition around October - December. Can anyone recommend some competitions to consider? I’m planning on competing raw at 148 and live in the Northeast.


First you need to decide what federation you want to compete in, go to teir website, and look up their dates of events. It pretty easy really. Try USA Powerlifting.


thats all you need.

[quote]Gianacakos wrote:

thats all you need.[/quote]

Been there, of course. Found a few possibilities but nothing that catches the eye.

Federations-wise, I’m pretty open to anything. ADAU and APA are the two that I’m thinking about. I used to compete (back in 2001), but do not know about the current statuses of these federations and how they run their meets.

I was wondering if anyone had a good experience with a meet that they would recommend.


I’ve competed it a couple of AAU events this year in MA and they’ve both been run pretty well. Competition is decent and everyone is pretty friendly.

USAPL has had a few meets in the area, but I haven’t done any so I can’t really make any recommendations on them.

If you are going to compete raw I would suggest one of three federations. 100% raw is good and of course everybody is raw (except for a belt). AAU is good as others have mentioned, they usually have a raw and equipped division, and the USAPL would probably be the most competitive, at least at higher levels, but they often do not have a raw only division.

All of the above feds do some form of testing and I believe they are all in your area, I am in Northern VA and they are all around here in force. Good luck with the meet,

Go to USAPL.com they have a boat-load of upcoming copetitions. I actually am going to compete 148 also in PA for the halloween havoc competition in PA. Good luck and lift big.