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Looking for a Powerlifting Coach, Help?

Does anyone know of a good powerlifting coach? I live in Queens, New York. So I don’t think any powerlifters live around here. Thanks

Swede Burns by reputation for distance coaching.

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Might not be a coach, but mount vernon barbell is fairly close to you, larry wheels sometimes trains there. Again, not sure of the coaching aspect, but training in the same gym with someone that strong would be inspirational…

In all of your videos, you have 3 guys watching you, and talking to you.

But you are always listening to headphones so you can’t hear their cues.


A little bit of a trip, but if you can get to Iron Arena in Hoboken, Jason Manenkoff runs the gym and would be a good coach.

Paulie at South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club is one of the Reactive Training Systems coaches.