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Looking for a "Powerbuilding" Workout Program

recently i started to notice that people at the gym workout half powerlifting and half bodybuildung. i dont know if iit is powerbuilding or not but i do know that they train 4-5 days a week and split the week to half power and half bodybuilding.
where can i get this kind of program workout please ?

Google PHAT or PHUL.

What powerbuilding federation are you wanting to compete in?


Look up Josh Bryant he has a e book that will educate you on it


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Dorian Yates is involved with a bodybuilding show that also involves some strength tests. I think there is potential here.

Dehydrate yourself to near death. Pose. Weigh in, come back 24 hours later for squat, bench, deadlift.

Score the bodybuilding result and the powerlifting total using strongman scoring to determine the overall winner

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Only if it is judged by Sinclair coefficient.

How strong is the strongest person in the gym and how big is the biggest guy? Are they stronger and bigger than the strongest and biggest dudes on here? If not, follow what the people here tel you. If yes, ask the guys at the gym you train at what they do, then follow what they say. Now, go learn and train.


I’ve been following the basic Juggernaut template for a couple years now with some modifications. Instead of squatting I front squat (had been following 531 previous and once I got to 500 my hips, shoulders, and lumbar were cranky all the time, so I shifted - still deadlift though, front squat and deadlift in the same training week is much more manageable for the non-competing lifter IMO), I superset rows with bench and weighted pull-ups with military press. I use the Boring But Big assistance template from 531 (on opposite training days - Bench BBB on military press day, etc), and do other accessory work with the main lift. Undulating schedule (10-5-8-3) keeps me moving heavier weights every few weeks instead of longer blocks at lower weights. Plenty of volume for hypertrophy, even before you add accessory work, but still a powerlifting template for strength.

If you want more specifics on how I structure my plan, PM me.

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Anyway, back on topic.


thank you so much for the help. god blass you :slight_smile:

what are those stand for?

Phat= power hypertrophy adaptive training
PHUL= power hypertrophy upper lower

Google is your friend