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Looking For a Power Rack

Hey guys,
I’m looking to buy a power rack for my home gym(I’ve got a bench, decent 300lb oly set, couple other small things) but I’m unsure which to buy. I’d like to get something under $1000, with a sumo base, looks decent. I don’t really need any extras, nothing too flashy, just a really big, tough power basic power rack. Tell me what you think, and any experience with a rack would be good!

   Also, I live in a fairly nice area so I can't drag a sled in the street nor at the park. I have a strip of about 40ft of concrete in my back yard, do you think that would work fine for dragging a sled? If so, what material would be best so as not to mark it, metal or wood??
               Thanks and best regards,

A lot of people seem happy with these guys. When I do my home gym, this is probably who I will go through.


Prices are great, and from what I’ve heard, so is service.

If you are diligent and patient, there are good equipment bargains to be found on craigslist and ebay.

 I've been looking on ebay and craigslist. I don't see anything I really like on ebay, mainly sort of cheezy powerline racks. Nothing a little "unique" on there. Craigslist has been similar so far, but I'll keep looking.

 Has anyone here tried to build there own? I saw the guy who runs tsampa.org/training/blog built his own with the help of a welder. My friend can weld and would be willing to help me out, any ideas on how much it would cost, and what I would need? Any clue as to the safety of such a thing?

I am planning on getting that Nybarbells no frills cage for this christmas, will be my first decent equipment really. On building one, I know for a fact that I could build one easy as pie, wish I was still in High School for access to the metal shop…wait a minute no I don’t.

Only thing that would be a pain in the ass with building it yourself(assuming you have someone that can weld and not just booger weld) would be drilling all the freaking holes. 300 bucks is not a bad price for a shit ton of convenience(not to mention accessories that are designed for it).

I’ve been scanning Craigslist as well, there are some amazing deals to be had when people are moving and what not. Good luck, if you do build one post pics.

Actually, work is a lot more busy lately so I think I’m just going to wait a couple weeks and get something really nice.

I’ve been looking at the lower end Elite FTS racks and combos and also the Westside Barbell rack and bench combo. The Westside set looks very nice but I can’t find much info on it. The description on their site is pretty brief and its more expensive than some of the Elite FTS combos. What do you think? Any other suggestions?
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