Looking for a Plan to Do at Home During Lockdown

I have a few weights and a bench and can do squats with barbells at home.
In the gym used to do 140 deadlifts but I guess cannot do those at home.
What do you suggest as a plan?

Theres a lot of free stuff on this site that you can look up. What are your goals?

I’m a bit biased but if you look into “Convict Conditioning”, I think that’s a good body weight program to do at home. You could always still use weights in addition to the program. This is just my 2 cents.

Why can’t you do deadlifts? And is the 140 pounds of kilos?

Like bigdaddi said, we need to know your goal before figuring out a plan. But really if you’ve got weights, a bench, and a rack for squats, there’s very little you can’t do. Most plans can be made to work with a little thinking.

But, without knowing any details at all, I’d say do this:

I’ve had situations where I would do 10 sets of push-ups one night, 10 sets a pull ups the next night, the third night I’d go for a run, then I would repeat all three days again. Not a bodybuilder routine, but not bad in a pinch.



You can do literally anything assuming the weight is not limiting for you. If it is, you can just sub up on moves - front squat, RDL, incline or BSS, one-leg RDL, OHP. Etc. You’re good!

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