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Looking for A Picture...

Hi all. I once saw a picture of some huge guy with a nose bleed while he was deadlifting. unfortunately, i made the mistake of not saving the picture, so i’m wondering if anyone out there has seen a picture like this or has one saved on their computer! I will be forever greatful if someone could post this for me. thanks!

to clear things up, i’m asking this because me and my buddy’s lifting motto is “if you’re not bleeding, you aren’t working hard enough”, so now you might understand why i’m looking for this…

I think that was Jouko. Look him up.

This one? Sorry it isn’t bigger.

sweet thats awesome! thanks

[quote]baseballstud wrote:
sweet thats awesome! thanks[/quote]

No prob. It’s a fav of mine too.

Here’s a video of it happening…

It’s strongman competitor Jouko Ahola

Isn’t there an EliteFTS picture of a guy squatting with a bleeding nose?