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Looking for a Nutrition Certification


what certs are available? what are the pros and cons to each.


You need a degree for that bro.


not the case bro. Berardi offers a cert program and i know of at least one other.


Really? Links to them now, please. I'm interested.




thats the one i have seen seeing if others think their is a better one.


Thanks for that.





yo Brick...that requires a degree.


yeah that requires a degree. I am looking for a cert. that does not require a degree in the related field.


Oh. Then check out ISSA or John Berardi.


which do you think is better brick?


I haven't looked into either of them.


How old are you, bwbski? Do you have any college experience?


i have my degree in finance. and am 32. what does this have to do with anything?


Just wondering if the advice I was going to give would be relevant.

Sorry, it's not.